Our web discount rates and fast service rely on upfront payment terms, either by submitting your credit card details or sending a copy of your bank transfer before we commence. This helps keep costs down for all clients, ensures immediate attention, and is a usual necessity with any web-related service.

Our terms are as follows;

1. Credit Cards
Cards are generally only manually charged on completion ie when the work is sent for your final review. They are not automatically charged when you initially submit our form. Completion is often same day in any case. We may keep your card details in a secure envronment so that you do not need to resubmit these when future work arises.

2. Bank Transfers
A copy of your bank transfer should be sent along with your submission to avoid delays. Should the amount be insufficient we will generally request a further payment upon completion and prior to lodgement.

3. Invoices & Receipts
A tax invoice/receipt is only issued upon completion. This accommodates any additional tasks or time requirements that may arise while preparing your work. Or alternatively, a lower fee where we find an ordered or quoted service has not been required.

4. Additional Tasks
If applicable, additional tasks and related fees are sometimes applied by our professional staff in good faith and to ensure compliance or an improved tax outcome. The amount will usually be $55 per task, or $110 per hour where more time is required. Such fees are not common and only to your benefit, but if unsure please request a quote on submission of our form

5. Revisions
Once you are sent reports and returns for review and/or signature, you should report any corrections required. In some cases there is an explanation for these and no change is needed. If due to our error we will re-send revised reports & returns at no extra cost. Otherwise client revisions for new changes will attract an additional smaller fee for our staff adjustment and re-preparation time.

6. Tax Agent Appointment
Your entity will become our Tax Agent client, however we do not change your existing ATO details except on returns lodged. Hence ATO or ASIC correspondence may continue to your prior addresss, and you may need to contact us to change these details. As your Tax Agent we may send reminders for overdue returns but you remain responsible for organising all future lodgements on time.

7. Refunds
All care is undertaken and a no refund policy applies unless the work did not commence. If you withdraw prior to completion then a pro-rata fee would apply.

8. Liability
Our work is always based solely on the information you submitted to us, and we are not auditors so we cannot accept any responsibility nor liability for wrongful reports or returns or advice. So please ensure you send us full details of any issue upon submission, and carefully review the work prepared on completion.

9. GST
All our fees and invoices are inclusive of GST. Where you have an ASIC related invoice, such as company setup, please check the invoice as GST may be less than the usual 10%.

10. Contacting us
For efficiency and clarity, we ask that all clients contact us via our contact form or by email to our primary gateway at tax@bcaccountants.com.au. This ensures a speedy response by the professional staffmember concerned. If you are unsatisfied with any response or have a complaint, please forward directly to our directors at admin@bcaccountants.com.au.

Thankyou for choosing BC Accountants.

Kind Regards

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