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Due dates

Tax Due Dates

BC Accountants has extended lodgement & payment dates for all return categories, providing we or another agent represented you as at 31st October 2018. Below is a general list that applies for our small business & small taxpayers.

Client Type Lodging Due Payment Due Applies to
Non-Taxable 5 June 19 5 June 19 Concession if no tax payable for 2017 & 2018
Tax Payable 15 May 19 5 June 19 Excluding all those below
Tax Payable large 31 Mar 19 31 Mar 19 If tax payable was over 20,000 in 2017
Medium Income 31 Mar 19 31 Mar 19 Income > $2m based on 2017 & 2018 income
New SMSF 28 Feb 19 28 Feb 19 Newly registered smsf during 2018
Large Income 15 Jan 19 15 Jan 19 Income > $10m based on 2017 & 2018 income
Late Lodgers 31 Oct 18 1 Dec 18 If a prior return is overdue or was lodged late
No Tax Agent 31 Oct 18 1 Dec 18 If no tax agent prior to 31st Oct 2018
Note 1 - Partnerships & Trusts will generally be due on the same dates as individual partners/beneficiaries
Note 2 - Substituted Accounting Periods (SAP) may also apply to approved entities
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BAS Due Dates

Our extended BAS & IAS lodgement dates are shown below. We lodge electronically and send you a copy and remittance advice same day. If lodging earlier, payment dates remain the same as lodgement due dates.

BAS Type Usual Date Extended Date Applies to
BAS Quarterly 28th next month 25th 2nd month All small business unless monthly
BAS Monthly 21st next month 21st next month If elected or a larger business
IAS Monthly 21st next month 21st next month If annual PAYG Withholding >$25000
Instalment Notices 28th next month 28th next month Only required if a variation needed
Annual GST Return 28 Feb 19 tax return date If elected to pay GST Instalments
Note 1 - We do not change BAS delivery addresses and you should continue to receive BAS as before
Note 2 - Our extended lodgement dates will generally not show on your BAS copy
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Payroll Due Dates

Following are most Payroll obligations that apply to small business employing staff, and these also apply to business owners drawing a salary, directors fee or super.

Payroll Type Due Usual Date Applies to
Superannuation SGC Quarterly 28th next month Min 9.5% of gross ordinary wages
Superannuation Addit Annual 30th June Additional super over SGC minimum
Payment Summaries Annual 14th July Issue to employees by this date
Annual 14th August If lodging yourself or large employer
Annual 30th September If we preparing & lodging
Annual tax return date If we lodging & all employees related
Taxable Payments Annual 28th August For Building Industry contractors only
FBT Return Annual 21st May or 25th June if we lodging
Payroll Tax Annual Refer your State thresholds rates and due dates
Workers Comp Annual Refer your State thresholds rates and due dates
Note 1 - Super must actually be received by the fund by the due date, so do it a few days beforehand.
Note 2 - Super must also be actually paid by 30 June in order to receive an income tax deduction for that year.
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Tax Rates

Personal Tax Rates

The following tax rates are those that apply according to your residency status. Application of offsets and levies will also vary according to residency, age, family and other circumstances.

Tax Thresholds 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
to 18200 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
to 37000 19% 19% 19% 19% 19% 19%
to 80000 NA NA NA 32.5% 32.5% 32.5%
to 87000 NA 32.5% 32.5% NA NA NA
to 90000 32.5% NA NA NA NA NA
to 180000 37% 37% 37% 37% 37% 37%
180000+ 45% 45% 47% 47% 45% 45%
Medicare Levy 2% 2% 2% 2% 1.5% 1.5%
Medicare Levy Reduction* 0% Levy if income <21,655 increasing to 2% at 27,068
Medicare Levy Surcharge* 1% if income >90,000 increasing to 1.5% at 140,000
Low Income Offset $445 if income under 37000 reducing to nil at 66,667 income
Seniors Tax Offset* $2230 if income under 32279 reducing to nil at 50119
SBE Tax Offset 8% up to $1000 on small business trust & partner tax
*2018 rates. Higher thresholds apply for seniors, couples and families with children
Foreign Residents
to 80000 NA NA NA 32.5% 32.5% 32.5%
to 87000 NA 32.5% 32.5% NA NA NA
to 90000 32.5% NA NA NA NA NA
to 180000 37% 37% 37% 37% 37% 37%
180000+ 45% 45% 45% 47% 47% 47%
Working Holiday Makers (from 1/1/17)
to 37000 15% 15% 15% NA NA NA
to 87000 NA 32.5% 32.5% NA NA NA
to 90000 32.5% NA NA NA NA NA
to 180000 37% NA NA NA NA NA
180000+ 45% NA NA NA NA NA
Quick tax estimator
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Business Tax Rates

The table below shows the latest Small business entity (SBE) & Company tax rates from 2014 to 2019. From 2018 the reduced company tax rates also apply to "Base Rate" entities, that is those that have passive investment income rather than run a small business.

Entity Type 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Small business company 27.5% 27.5% 27.5% 28.5% 30% 30%
Base Rate companies 27.5% 27.5% 30% 30% 30% 30%
Other companies 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30%
Non-profit companies Nil tax if taxable income under $416, otherwise above rates apply
Distributed income Taxable to beneficiaries personally on share of income
Undistributed or Non-Resident 45% 45% 49% 49% 49% 46.5%
SBE Beneficiary Offset 8% 8% 8% 5%    
Distributed income Taxable to partners personally on share of income
SBE Partner Offset 8% 8% 8% 5%
Accumulation account 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15%
Transition To Retirement 15% 15% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Pension account 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Div 293 Contributions Surcharge 15% 15% 15% 15% 15% 15%
SBE & Base Rate $25m $25m $10m $2m $2m $2m
SBE CGT concessions $2m $2m $2m $2m $2m $2m
SBE Tax Offset $5m $5m $5m $2m $2m $2m
Company tax estimator
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Our system has been designed to deliver;
maximum efficiency for fast returns and reports
quality returns and compliance to keep you safe
lowest cost at flat upfront rates
optimum tax outcomes and accountancy options
additional online services & technical advice whenever needed

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BC Accountants has supported all major accounting software since 1993 and are Professional Partners & Certified Advisers for all. As such we can cut to the chase quickly getting it up to date, or attend to regular bookkeeping or payroll needs. Contact us for quick instructions or quotes

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Simple steps

Simply select your return type as follows;
1. enter your details, income & deductions or upload copies and submit
Business or Investment entities
1. either enter your results or upload a data-file, reports or worksheets
2. if a new client, upload a copy of your prior return/financials if any
1. enter your fund details
2. refer our checklists and upload all statements & documents

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Our process

Our work commences as soon as you submit our online form.

For individual returns we then;
1. review your information and get back to you if more info is required,
2. check your ATO prefill reports, system balances & status
3. prepare & send you a copy of the return
4. lodge by next morning unless we hear back from you

For business returns we will;
1. review your information and get back to you if more info is required,
2. check your ATO system balances & status & prior returns
3. attend to any further adjustments and related tasks needed
4. prepare reports or financials to ensure accounting & tax compliance
5. prepare returns and forward all for review and signature
6. lodge online as soon as signed copies are returned to us

For SMSF returns we will;
1. review your information and get back to you if more info is required,
2. check your ATO system balances & status & prior returns
3. attend to data entry or updates, reconciliations & adjustments
4. prepare financials, minutes, & returns from documentation
5. forward all for your review and signature
6. attend to the independent smsf audit and lodge online
7. send you ATO confirmation & payment advice & audit report

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Our flat web discount rates are summarised below, and these include most routine adjustments. Additional fees may apply for those needing extra tasks or help. See our forms for more detail, or request a quote if unsure.

Service Fees Comments
Business Tax Returns $275 Companies, Trusts, Partenerships, options $55, $220 financial statements
Individual Tax Returns $60 add $15 Pay on Refund, $50 for business, $35 per rental property
Couples Tax Returns $55ea add $50 per business or $25ea per rental property
Student & WHM Returns $50 residency options, IMT transfers $25, Medicare exemptions $20
SMSF Audited Returns $550+ Simple funds $550 flat, get quote for others
BAS & Other Tasks $55+ from a flat $55 or $110 p/hr, expert $220

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Our web discount rates and fast service rely on upfront payment terms, either by submitting your credit card details or sending a copy of your bank transfer before we commence. This helps keep costs down for all clients and ensures immediate attention. See our terms policy...

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Who we are

BC Accountants is Australia's most trusted online team of accountants & tax agents. We invented online tax services and since 1995 have evolved the largest range of web solutions for thousands of people and business clients Australia-wide.

We are a modern firm with a friendly approach. Our priority is to achieve faster, smarter and quality outcomes at efficent cost. At the same time we have the professional experience and technical expertise whenever you need it. Please be wary of immitators.

We are always online for any quick queries and welcome all feedback. more...

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